"Oceanside is so lucky that Dr. Kritzberg finally opened his own practice here. Simply put, there is no better chiropractor!" - David S.

"The location is so convenient, the new office is sunny and immaculate, and Dr. Kritzberg is simply amazing." - Joann L.

"The phrase 'by apppointment' really does mean 'by appointment'. Call anytime and Dr. Kritzberg will make time for you to come into his office. Perfect for my family since we are always on the run and never seem to make appointments too far in advance." - Anthony C.

"After my car accident, despite all the doctors I had seen, I still didn't feel 'right'. My body hurt just to get out of bed. I have to admit, I didn't want to see a chiropractor because I was scared. My friend swore by Dr. Kritzberg and, with her urging, I finally made an appointment to see him. Not only has Dr. Kritzberg erased all of my fears - but he has educated me about how my body both works and stays healthy. The lingering pains and aches from my car accident are long gone and now weekly adjustments are simply part of my normal routine. I can't imagine going a week without one." - Robin A.

"Dr. Kritzberg is a man of this community. He runs his life in the same manner he encourages his patients to live their lives. I see him fishing, I run into him in the supermarket (produce aisle - of course), and I see him around town all the time with his family. He is a spokeman for 'optimal health'." - Joe T.


"Dr. Kritzberg is the most supportive health coach. Under his guidance, I have lost 20 pounds (!!) and am well on my way to fullfilling my personal weight goal!" - Susan B.


"Atlas Chiropractic is a family practice. My mom, uncle, husband, 3 year old daughter, and myself all get adjusted here. We love this place! It feels like Dr. Adam is a part of our family." - Amanda R.